Quest is Experience
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Quest is Adventure

At Quest, strengthening the potential of each individual child is our main goal.

Native-speaking English teachers co-teach in all levels.

Quest is Bilingual
Because it is the most important.
Quest is Caring

Where your child is inspired to reach new heights.

Quest is Fun

Quest Pillars

Through a unique combination of English, multiculturalism, play and healthy living, Quest is designed not only to educate but also to empower!


Inspired by HighScope, our curriculum is centered on child-initiated learning and the development of “independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving” in every child.


Experiencing new cultures activates children’s wonder and curiosity. Carried on throughout our lives, the knowledge, empathy and creativity gained from these multicultural experiences are invaluable.


Play and exploration are the natural way that infants and young children process information and learn new things. The spaces and materials at Quest support all types of children’s play, enhancing their spirited and creative expressions.

Health Program

Health and nutrition are one of our top priorities. Eating well, exercising, getting quality rest, and practicing healthy habits are essential for the physical and psychological development of young children.

Our Levels

As a parent, you face big decisions about the education and care of your child. We are here to help. Embracing the particular characteristics of each age and the uniqueness of each child, we’ve taken the time to design our levels in accordance with the developmental stages of its students.

Nursery (3 months old+)

Discover with confidence

Celebrating your child’s curiosity, our program encourages your child to discover the world and builds strong and healthy infant minds, bodies and spirits. Infants need and deserve special attention and care. Features such as central heating in bathrooms and classrooms, comfortable cribs, and soft crawling and walking surfaces, along with warm and nurturing nursery staff provide a safe and loving environment for your little one.

Toddler (approx. 2 years old)

Adventure! Always on the move

When your child is constantly on the go, they meet new people, encounter new places and discover new things through experimentation and exploration. We encourage children to explore their abilities, be persistent , recognize and build their strengths, problem solve , and make friends along the way.

Preschool/After School (approx. 3 years old)

Continue the learning journey

Your child will continue to gain independence in a caring and age-appropriate environment. Whether in a group or one-on-one setting, teachers are focused on the individual needs of each child. By influencing their own learning, children practice taking initiative and decision-making.

Junior/After School (up to 6 years old)

Explore new horizons

Your child will continue to develop their decision-making and independence skills while getting ready to transition to school in a supportive environment. Whether working in a groups or individually, children have the opportunity to develop their full potential, beyond what could be offered in a traditional kindergarten setting.

Casa Quest

Both inside and out, Casa Quest was methodically designed to allow children to grow, play, experiment, and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Quest Community

Building strong and lasting relationships.

We strive for a close and sincere relationship between all members of Quest community. Our team members are dedicated to creating a welcoming and trusting environment for all children and their families and support groups.


Spaces that invite your child to explore.

Every space inside Casa Quest is especially designed with children’s needs in mind, incorporating children’s interests and mixing up the learning experience.


Self-discovery through play.

We designed our outdoor play space to activate children’s curiosity and creativity by including elements and materials that stimulate different styles of play and learning experiences.


We Care.

At Quest, we take safety seriously. During the planning and construction of Casa Quest, we chose designs, materials and equipment that put children’s safety first.


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